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"Emma is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher. She initially recommends private lessons to learn the throwing technique. They are a great way to get started with the full support of Emma for a couple of hours each time. She broke down the process carefully and gave positive feedback on my first attempts at throwing!
I also appreciate how Emma encourages us to take responsibility for the whole process of creating a ceramic object; including kneading the clay to taking notes about our work and even cleaning up responsibly at the end. The course groups are small enough that we all get to ask questions about our creations. It's also nice to have a chat with others in the group.
I come out of each session feeling relaxed having spent quality time working on something creative. The ceramics classes are a treasured part of my week and a welcome break from my busy office job! I highly recommend both the group and private courses as an excellent way to learn the craft." - Ami Ackroyd

"Emma was a wonderful teacher. From never having thrown a pot before, after 2 lessons I had three pots to take home with me that she fired. She was incredibly encouraging and patient; sadly I am moving away but she helped me kindle a new passion and I'm now looking for lessons where I am moving. She is the perfect teacher for anyone looking to try their hand at pottery. Thank you Emma!"

- Yasemin Topcam, Artist

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my class with Emma. She is a great teacher with an even greater sense of humour. I have learnt loads of new tips and tricks and the art of  good kneading! Its been super to meet lots of fellow like minded potters. I can't wait to get going on my next class."

- Cheska Eastwell, ceramicist

"A nice cosy and welcoming little pottery with a lovely teacher who is very enthusiastic and encourages creativity. 
Emma was knowledgeable, great fun and I enjoyed every minute of my pottery lessons."

- Maggie, retired/artist

"I have been attending Emma’s ceramics classes for the last 8 months now and I can honestly say its my favourite thing I do all week. It’s the one activity where I can switch off from all stresses in my life and focus while pushing myself creatively without feeling under pressure. Emma is a fantastic teacher, she is knowledgable, highly skilled and patient and has brilliant people skills. Her lessons are always informative whilst being a lot of fun. She is a very talented artist in her own right and I always look forward to seeing her latest work which never fails to inspire. Emma is continuously pushing herself creatively in her own practice and through this brings an exciting and fresh perspective to the class. Nothing fazes her, she will always do her very best to find a way to help you realise your ideas.  I would encourage anyone to take a class with Emma, you won’t regret it and In fact you will quickly find yourself hooked!"

- Lisa Crux

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